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Residential Carpet Cleaning

[$285-300]   House Package
Living Room Dining Room + 10 ft of hall + 3 Bedrooms  + 1 Flight of stairs

Residential Upholstery cleaning

 1 Couch  6ft long  $130  - 1 Loveseat 5 ft long $100
1 Chair matching $50
Dining room chairs seats only $5 Seats and backs 10-15

Residential Tile Cleaning

[$1 to $1.30 per sq ft]   There are many ways to clean tile, from steam cleaning, Using cleaning wands, to using Spinners that require 800-1000 psi or Vapor cleaning at 340 dry steam, Tile must be seen to know what we would use.

Example: 10 x0 kitchen between   $100-$130 depending on condition

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

[25-30 cents per sq.ft.]  Commercial cleaning can be quite soiled, so there is a variance in price, We must see before we confirm price, otherwise we will make the decision at time of cleaning 

Commercial Tile Cleaning

[$1 - $1.30 per sq. ft.]   This will depend on condition of tile at time of cleaning

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

[Varies]   From comical office chairs to wall divides they need to be seen to price correctly

Carpet Repair - Call for viewing Please

Move In Move Out Cleaning


[$100--$200]   $150 is normal but we see terrible conditions


[$50-$65  This is a paragraph. You can use this to communicate content within your page. 

Window Blinds & Windows

[$35-$40 EACH]   Window blinds (Kitchen size ) 
Window blinds larger will have to be viewed
WINDOWS - Have to be viewed, only includes inside

1 Bedroom Apartments

[$240-$300]   Every Apartment is different, in size and condition, there can be can be variables, windows not included in price 

2 bedroom Apartments

[$300]   Includes Main Living area 2 bedrooms and Kitchen
does not include Balcony, windows or garbage disposal

Balcony Cleaning

[$60-$100]   This will depend on size of course, and whether it has ever been cleaned before, Water can not leave balcony so this needs to be steam cleaned properly

Do you need to have someone come in for a move out clean
Please allow enough time so it is not last minute

Move out Cleans

We can have 3 -4 people arrive to get it done quickly, whether it is an apartment or a home

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